The Done for you program: what you need to know

Catering Domination has just released the off-premises accelerator program, created by TJ and Sam, two experts in the industry. The program is designed to walk you through proven operations, strategics, tactics and to provide you with an abundance of useful resources to transform your off-premises sales for your restaurant, franchise, or takeout business.

The new program was created in response to the recent and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, forcing many restaurants to focus solely on takeout as a means to make ends meet. The off-premises accelerator program consists of two subprograms: Done for you and done with you.

What does the done with you program include?

Just like the Done with you program, the done for you program provides you exclusive access to the following:

Online teaching & training to teach your team how to build off-premises sales

Access to countless invaluable resources

Practical advice on packaging, CRM, menus, marketing, technology, and more

If you choose the done for you option, we will take our takeout domination blueprint, and we will work directly with you and your restaurant. One on one, we will create the ideal solution to build off-premises sales. You will also gain access to various training materials and discounted vendor opportunities, alongside weekly office hours and conference calls to further support your transition into off-premises sales and success.

Who is this program for?

If the recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected your restaurant’s sales, and you’re forced to delve into off-premises sales, or have chosen to, the done for you program is for you. This program is designed to provide one on one support for you and your restaurant, curating the ideal solution to transform off-premises sales for you and your team.

In particular, the done for you program is for those who require additional guidance throughout the process, supported by expert advice and actionable support to ensure your restaurant, franchise, or takeout business survives and thrives during these unprecedented times. 

Book a FREE 15-minute call today

If you require more information regarding which package is for you (done for you vs. done with you), then you can book a FREE 15-minute zoom call with TJ today. During the call, we will discuss your restaurant’s current strategy, goals, and what you want to achieve through this program. 

Let us help you find the ideal solution for you and your business, increasing sales, expanding your footprint, and transforming your ROI during these tough times. 



Review of all 11-points of brand’s takeout strategy
Virtual ‘Town Hall’ input session w/managers
Recommended modifications to takeout program
Rollout-material creation and implementation guide
Virtual rollout meeting with managers
Brand-specific dedicated office hours to help managers
Access to our 20+ module elearning library (customization available)
Discounted services with recommended vendor partners
Access to any updated modules added during your subscription
Weekly newsletter with insights into what larger brands are doing and how to apply to smaller unit size
Facebook Group
Free subscription to
Discounted services with recommended vendor partners
Catering lead- and order generation (commission based) if wanted