The done with you program: what you need to know

The new Catering Domination program, created by TJ and Sam, walks you through proven tactics, operations, and strategies and provides you with a plethora of resources to expand off-premises sales for your restaurant or takeout business.

The new off-premises accelerator program was created in response to the unprecedented events of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, flipping many restaurants on their head and left to, well, innovate or die. The program itself consists of two subprograms: Done with you and Done for you.

What does the done with you program include?

Regardless of whether you choose the done with you or done for you program, you will gain access to the following:


Online training to teach your people and staff how to build off-premises sales

Access to countless invaluable resources

Actionable advice on menus, packaging, marketing, technology, etc.

The program grants you access to all of our training materials, resources, discounted vendor opportunities, and weekly office hours and group conference calls with the Catering Domination team to help you grow your business and off-premises sales.

Who is this program for?

If your restaurant, franchise, or takeout business is suffering as a result of COVID-19, or perhaps you’re looking to expand your off premises sales, then the done with you program is for you. However, the done with you program is greater focused on providing you the resources to succeed, with available but limited office hours with us.

The done with you program is for those who are confident in their ability to transform off-premise sales, but need a little guidance to get them started.

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Access to our 20+ module e-learning library
Access to any updated modules added during your subscription
Weekly office hours to work with TJ & Sam
Weekly newsletter with insights into what larger brands are doing and how to apply to smaller unit size
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Discounted services with recommended vendor partners